Reimagine your home, cooled by natural breezes, all day and all night. Cool your home naturally with a Whole House Fan.

Feel better

According to the World Health Organisation: Adequate ventilation can reduce the transmission of infection. Natural ventilation can be one of the effective environmental measures to reduce the risk of spread of infections.

Save the planet

We are passionate about protecting the environment. Air conditioning use in Australia forces a crippling load on our power grid. We all pay for it. Our Whole House Fans use 90% less power than an equivalent air conditioner.

Save money

One Whole House Fan will cool your entire house for the same running cost as two ceiling fans and less than one tenth of the running cost of ducted air conditioning.


Whole House Fans

This is an idea that has been around for more than 80 years in the USA and more than 30 years in the Australian market.

Powerful Cooling: How it works

A Whole House Fan is installed above the ceiling ideally at the top most point in your house like a hallway and sucks air from the house into the roof space. It is then forced out of the eaves.

The Whole House Fan sucks more than 10,000 cubic metres of hot air per hour from your home. This is enough to completely exchange all the air in most homes in under 3 minutes or 20 times per hour.

All this air movement takes the heat radiating from the walls, floor, furniture and people in the house and pushes it outside.

It brings a cooling breeze of fresh natural air in through your open windows.

You feel cool because the fresh breeze allows your body's natural cooling system (sweating) to work more effectively. There are medical advantages to fresh natural air ventilation. It has been shown to be an effective antibiotic and modern hospitals are being designed with natural ventilation to assist in patient recovery and to prevent infections.

Healthier: According to the World Health Organisation

"Adequate ventilation can reduce the transmission of infection in health-care settings. Natural ventilation can be one of the effective environmental measures to reduce the risk of spread of infections in health care."

Ventilation for Infection Control in Health-Care Settings.
Geneva: World Health Organization; 2009.

Unlike an air-conditioner which will struggle to lower your house temperature by one degree per hour, a Whole House Fan can lower the internal temperature of a hot stuffy house by 4 degrees or more in an hour when the outside temperature is cool.

When you come home from work to your locked up house the outside temperature has dropped significantly but all the heat from the day has been stored inside your house which might be 32 degrees Celcius or more. On top of that your roof space may be well over 40 degrees Celcius and sitting on top of you like a thick blanket while you struggle to get cool.

The Whole House Fan cools down your roof space to nearer the outside temperature and takes all the stored heat in your house structure and pushes it outside, cooling the whole building.

Low Cost and Efficient: The best thing about a Whole House Fan is how cheap they are to run

One Whole House Fan running at maximum speed uses less electricity than three ceiling fans and yet it cools the whole house!

Your Whole House Fan costs about 10c per hour to run. Typical usage of your Whole House Fan is less than $1 per day. This is far less than even a moderately sized room air conditioner which would cost close to $1 per hour to run or $10 per day and that doesn't even cool your whole house!

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Hidden in your roof

The noise from our Whole House Fan is not loud and is just the noise of air rushing through the duct and out of your house when the unit is on maximum speed.

When your house is cool and you just want a pleasant breeze for the night while you sleep, you turn down the speed to suit your comfort and the fan is barely audible.

Unlike most fan motors which have either on/off or 3 or 4 speed settings, our motor is infinitely variable so you have complete control over airflow and noise level.

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Client Testimonials

  • "It makes a hot house comfortable in mid-summer."

    Allison T,

  • "I spent years searching for a cheaper alternative to air conditioning and found Whole House Fans. Now I am helping other Aussies get one as well!"

    Mark E,

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