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Raycon: Cooling your home naturally

Our Contact Info


  • Brisbane


  • 07 3114 2133

Office hours

  • Mon-Fri-09:00-17:00
  • Saturday-Closed
  • Sunday-Closed


Client Testimonials

  • "It's like a mini-tornado was unleashed in the house. I've just had a whole house ventilation fan installed and when I clicked on the switch, breezes started streaming from all parts of the house as the whisper quiet unit sucked 10,000 cubic metres of air an hour from the center of house hallway into the attic and out through the eaves. It not only cools the whole house with an air flow but also pushes the hot air out of attic and walls resulting in 20 whole house exchanges an hour and the added benefit of no mold.
    For us in the sub-tropics it's the ideal alternative to air conditioning, draws a miniscule amount pf power that is all solar and Tesla anyway. I've really got to recommend this company who stood behind their product, masterfully engineered and totally reliable."

    Phil T,

  • "I spent years searching for a cheaper alternative to air conditioning and found Whole House Fans. Now I am helping other Aussies get one as well!"

    Mark E,

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